Keys® Launches PurPlay™!  A new Line of Revolutionary 

Natural Personal Lubricants

Three Unique Personal Lubricants Combine Herbal Extracts and 

Pure Oils to Stimulate and Calm.  

Just Spray & Play™

Keys, has a new line of personal lubricants called PurPlay™.  The PurPlay™ products use herbal extract blends along with natural oils to create personal lubricants that either stimulate, relax or heighten the sexual experience.  Specifically formulated based on the science of stimulating a woman’s pleasure receptors, PurPlay also enhances the intimate play experience for men.

PurPlay comes in three versions:

  • PurPlay™ Classic provides superior lubrication improving intimate experiences for both women and men.
  • PurPlay™ Surf relaxes and calms so women can enjoy intimate play.
  • PurPlay™ Astra stimulates her pleasure receptors for erotic play.

Wendy Steele, Keys CEO, said, “Over the years, we have had numerous requests from our female customers to produce a natural personal lubricant for sex.  Four years of research lead us to the conclusion that one does NOT fit all.  Hectic lifestyles, personal preferences and different perceptions around intimacy revealed a need for three distinct types of lubricants for women.  So we challenged our engineers to discover natural ways to heighten the sexual experience, provide a version that calms and relaxes and develop a third product that provides an extremely stimulating erotic experience.”

Its Only Natural!

Recent trends in the personal lubricant market use unpleasant menthol or numbing chemicals to provide relaxation and stimulation.  Bob Root, Keys CTO offered, “Major brands of personal lubricants are anything but natural and often use menthol and lidocaine to either stimulate or desensitize.  Many women experience pain, burning or lose total sensation with these products.  We (Keys) first had to study female pleasure nerve receptors to understand the effect we wanted to create.  Making adjustments based on feedback from our first testers, we created a whole herb extract using modern distillation techniques.  With just the right combination and proportion of ancient aboriginal herbs, we believe now we have the right formula to create the experience women want.  They are added to a blend of a specially refined coconut oil and avocado oil.  All are 100% natural, vegan and gluten-free.”  

Bob continued, “We created a base oil blend that is very lubricating while heightening the sexual experience.  For the relaxing formula, we add an herbal extract blend that offers overall calming and relaxation to enjoy the experience without desensitizing.  The third formula offers an erotic stimulation that can last through multiple orgasms.”

Just Spray & Play™

PurPlay comes in a 30ml airless sprayer.  Wendy Steele added, “Most personal lubricants are liquid, in a tube, need to be warmed and are messy.  Not only did we create three functional personal lubricants, we revolutionized how they are applied and feel.  We employ an airless spray mist bottle to dispense a lubricant that feels warm, no cold shock and actually contributes to the foreplay experience.  Because it is airless, it can spray at any angle.  It fits comfortably in the hand and is intuitive to use even in the dark.  PurPlay™ is long lasting and can be sprayed as often as desired.  The ingredients are compatible with all sorts of sex toy play.”

For Women…and for Men  

Both men and women who tested PurPlay reported that using PurPlay™ lead to the most memorable sexual experience they’ve ever had.  

For optimal results, incorporate PurPlay™ Surf or Astra into your foreplay allowing 5 minutes for herbal effects to take place before intense play.  As the anticipation builds, so does the effects of the herbs.  Testers found that they like the choice of three different products based on their feelings in the moment.  After a hectic day, PurPlay Surf relaxes and calms.  PurPlay Astra offers her an erotic experience when a planned encounter or spontaneous play presents itself.  PurPlay Classic provides long-lasting superior lubrication for hours of fun.

The Three PurPlay™ Products:

PurPlay™ Astra

For sultry intimate play.  Stimulating herbal oil blend provides her with ultra exhilarating sensual experiences.  Her choice for euphoric play.  His choice for  silky smooth heightened enjoyment.  Long lasting for “climactic maximus.”

Stimulating Euphoric Herbal Lubricant

PurPlay™ Surf

Like magic waves of pleasure, rainforest herbal oil blend stimulates feelings of intimacy and arousal so she can relax and enjoy romantic play.  Soothing herbs send subtle messages calming both mind and body while heightening the senses.  Both he and she enjoy a silky smooth sensual experience. For waves of erotic sensory play. 

Sensual Herbal Lubricant

PurPlay™ Classic

Natural alternative to synthetic personal lubricants.  Specially formulated organic coconut and avocado oil blend supplements natural lubricants made by the body to maximize intimate play.  Simply your natural choice for silky smooth pure pleasure!

Natural Pure Pleasure Lubricant

Potential Side Effects

Wendy Steele offered, “PurPlay testers did expose some interesting side effects.  PurPlay Astra testers offered that they sometimes got the “giggles.”  PurPlay Surf users found that they wanted to cuddle after sex and PurPlay Classic users coined the phrase “Affectionitus” or wanting more!”