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    Lou Paget – How To Have Great Sex for Men and Women

    How To Give Her Absolute Pleasure by Lou Paget. You can always learn new tricks.  Sometimes they are subtle and other times they are in your face bold.  There are lots of how to have better sex books, articles and eBooks and then there are those by Lou Paget.  Most are painfully old fashion and generally wrong when it comes to women.  They are often targeted mainly at male orgasm.  Some try to teach women techniques for men that leave them frustrated and unfulfilled.  Many women believe that they are supposed to please men at their own cost of pleasure. Lou Paget has written some very successful books.  She conducts some of the wildest seminars and has many followers of her philosophies for men and women pleasure points.  She is anything but tame.  In my estimation, she has written the definitive series of books teaching men and women how to…

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    ESO and the Art of Extended Sexual Orgasm

    ESO - How you and your lover can give each other hours of Extended Sexual Orgasm (ESO) is a book written by two doctors in the early 1980's.  It is by far the best book on sexual pleasuring I have ever read and it changed my sex life forever.  The people at PurPlay asked me to try it using ESO the book as my guide.  I jumped at the chance and the results were mind blowing.