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PurPlay – For Condom Fun Vs. Urban Myths

condomPurPlay – Fun With A Condom

We learned a lot about female pleasure receptors in our research.  We also learned about some weird things about society in the age of the internet.  Namely how things that are not true wash over the truth.

Oil is the Best Lube for Sex!

We are engineers and not chemists.  So, our method of developing new products starts with something called First Principle thought.  Simply, we wipe the slate clean, identify the problem we are trying to solve and develop the simplest solution.  Aka First Principle.

In the case of PurPlay prototypes, we identified the primary problem to create products that heighten the sexual experience while offering versions that calm or stimulate.  Secondarily, we learned that current water-based lubricants have to be constantly reapplied breaking the passion and sexual rise.

The solution seemed simple by developing a vegan oil-based lubricant that would last a long time while being safe for sensitive skin and that would not degrade condoms.   Although our base premise is that skin on skin is best for sexual ecstasy, we realized the need for a lube that would play well with latex and other synthetic condoms.

Finding and refining natural vegan oils that played well with condoms was quite easy from an engineering perspective.  Dealing with legend, urban myths and internet factoids was another.

PurPlay Alpha and Beta Testers

When you develop a new products, it is not done in a vacuum.  We create simulations and computer models based on formulations of natural ingredients to envision how they will work and how they interact.   Once we have determined a basis formulation, we test under prototype labels with two groups.  Alpha testers try multiple formulas of the same products where beta testers test what we believe are the final…or close to final…formulations.

Our alpha testers are very ingredient and formula savvy.  All understand First Principle thought and all know what to look for in a product.  Beta testers are usually the opposite and resemble the market segment we are going to serve.  They are generally kinesthetic meaning that feel and what they personally notice are their focus.

Beta Testers and PurPlay

So, alpha testing took a while as usual and expected.   In PurPlay’s case, the initial testing results were remarkably positive.  So we went to beta test quickly.   What we heard were 5-Stars and 10’s…except for one.  Their comments sparked this article.

condomA late beta tester remarked after a weekend with a new friend that she said in her feedback that PurPlay was the best lubricant she had ever tried and the fact that it was natural was incredible important to her because of reactions to chemicals in most lubes.  The caveat was that she said, “bummer that PurPlay does not work with condoms.”   WHAT? Was our first reaction.  

Turns out her new boyfriend is an engineer and decided to analyze lubricant use with condoms.  So he went up on the internet and looked at the box of his custom condoms that noted, “Not for Use with Oil Based Lubricant.”  So much for spontaneity! Being engineers we understood, well sort of, his research.   Certainly not the way we would have approached a first time experience with a new partner, but perception being reality we called and talked to her.

What we quickly realized was that we were the naive ones believing that truth would overpower fiction.  Indeed the consensus on the internet and among condom manufacturers was that oil would degrade latex and “all condoms.”   Even though we tested materials in condom thicknesses and found no degradation, we tried to find the source of the perceived myth.

Who Knows the Condom Truth – Our Experience

condomSo, we reached out to the largest condom manufacturers marketing managers and engineers.   The answer was not a surprise that know one actually knew why they were against oil lubes.  Engineers said, it was a marketing thing.  Marketing said, “that’s what we always said.”   One said that it was because oil degraded the condom, so we asked for the research and study.  Nope, no data.  We did find one manufacturer that specifically said no mineral oil with latex condoms.  Agreed, that is correct because mineral oil is made from petroleum and is full of solvents that will degrade latex.  So is true of petroleum jelly to a lesser extent.

We jumped onto the internet and found tons of articles that generalized that all oil is bad for condoms.   Without delving into the human psyche, people believe what they read on the internet as sanctified truth.  Although Artificial Intelligence software writers know that humans generally operate under the belief that generalizations, distortions and deletions in context does not exist, huge corporations operate on FUD or creating Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt to sway buyers.

In the case of condom manufacturers and urban myths, they have generally not attempted to or explicitly test non-petroleum lubes, because they are not the norm.  Lube makers, on the other hand, play up the FUD side big time.

Vegan Oil Lubricants – The New Norm

PurPlay is not the first or last company to promote vegan natural oil lubricants.  In fact, at a upcoming industry trade show, there will be about 6 companies showing vegan oil lubricants.  Purplay is one in what looks like a new trend.  Why, because vegan oil lubes are better and last 10X longer.

Condom or Not to Condom

PurPlay is a product designed to maximize sexual fun.  Our belief is that skin on skin using PurPlay cannot be upstaged.  Said, if you are in the condom use group, realize that skin against synthetic rubber (latex et al) against skin is best with oil and silicone.  Sensations are transferred better based on tactical testing.  We happen to believe, as a natural company, that vegan oils are safer and better than silicone.  That is our perception and premise.   One thing for sure is that we do not like it when untruths are spread inadvertently or intentionally

Safe as Tested

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The World Health Organization identifies, “A condom is a sheath-shaped barrier device, used during sexual intercourse to reduce the probability of pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection (STI).   Condoms are not 100% proven and fail about 11% of the time based on the statistic that intercourse pregnancies are about 18% and with condoms it drops to 2%.   STI’s have a similar statistic to a bit higher.   We have never seen any degradation of integrity in a condom using PurPlay.   Our testing of .04 and .07 mil material show no reduction of integrity.  Truth is that this is also a generalization and we recommend testing your condom of choice with PurPlay or any other vegan oil based lubricant.  We also recommend similar testing of condoms with water based lubricants that use fragrance, flavors and scent as these chemicals are usually solvent based.

Have Fun!

PurPlay is about having a new sexual freedom and fun sexual experiences.   We take these things seriously and want you to know our thoughts and feelings.   Urban myths, FUD and generalizations are a way of life.   Educate yourself, but don’t over analyze.  Let go and have fun.

Bob is the inventor and scientist responsible for developing PurPlay. He is a former high tech Silicon Valley CEO. He is the author of Defining Moments and Chemical-Free Skin Health®. He is a noted speaker and contributor to the industry.