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PurPlay is Erotistic – Why It Turns Good Sex into Great Sex

great sexAn in-depth look at how PurPlay Offers an Erotistic Experience for Great Sex

Our goal for PurPlay has always been to turn good sex into great sex.  Because PurPlay is such an innovative product with practically nothing like it for comparison, we have been on the lookout for just the right word to sum up why PurPlay is getting reviews like “it makes me want to have sex all the time” and “it makes my O happen faster and with more intensity”.  We found it!  Erotistic.  Erotistic is described as anything that brings about pleasurable sensations.  This is an important distinction because most personal lubricants aim to improve lubrication, but miss the mark on making the experience better or more pleasurable.  Often, the woman’s unique needs and desires are overlooked, and most personal lubricants are designed by men for men.  There are just a handful of erotistic lubricants in the world and Keys was delighted to add PurPlay to that list when it launched in July 2018.  PurPlay is unique in many ways, but most notably because it is erotistic AND natural.  Leaving out any man-made chemicals, preservatives and any other known harmful ingredients, specially formulated herbal extracts stimulate erotistic pleasure receptors in women, while the base oils provide an erotistic experience for both women and men.

PurPlay turns Good Sex into Great Sex

Erotistic personal lubricants describe products that create heightened sensations during sexual pleasuring sessions.  These pleasure sensations can be stimulated by increased intensity of toy use, play techniques, or it can also describe reactions from ingredients that provide higher highs during sex.  Stimulation is the objective for all erotistic play so unique toys, methods to increase hormone release, and herbs, like those used in PurPlay, induce higher levels of sexual satisfaction.  It is true that health, wellness, hormone balance, and good old physical attraction lay the foundation for a great sex life, but a product like PurPlay can turn good sex into great sex.

good sexPurPlay Plus Hormones is Erotistic

When designing new products at Keys, we are always looking for ways to work with the body’s natural processes.  One has to consider the whole body and all the senses when trying to improve intimate play experiences.  The herbal extracts we developed specially for PurPlay Astra and Surf add an erotistic component rather than just providing lubrication.  PurPlay Astra affects nerve receptors in the female body leading to a higher euphoric experience.  PurPlay Surf does the same thing but relaxes and de-stresses offering women another option for the type of sexual experience they want.  Each PurPlay variety is intended to provide a different experience based on the woman’s mood and needs.  While PurPlay Classic does not contain any herbal extracts, it still offers an erotistic experience because of the oil combination super-sensitizes skin in erogenous zones.  Similar to hormones, nerve receptors can be engaged and intensified with PurPlay stimulating lubricants.

You may recall that the hormones oxytocin and adrenalin intensify and offer warm feelings that affect sexual intensity.  Oxytocin and Adrenalin are produced naturally in the body, or they can be made using BHRT processes (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy).  These hormones are erotistic, and some naturopaths compound BHRT oxytocin lozenges to increase sexual pleasure.  The erotistic properties of PurPlay have a similar effect on nerve receptors topically, while hormones are effective when taken internally.  The combination of the increase in oxytocin and the impact of PurPlay Astra or Surf intensifies the pleasure sensations.

Sensation and Intensity

PurPlay Astra and Surf affect the male and female anatomy differently.  Both have herbal blends that directly affect the sexual experience through nerve receptors in the vagina.  The coconut-avocado oil blend replicates natural lubricants produced by the body and sensitizes nerve endings to heightened touch and sensation.  Often called the skin-on-skin effect lost with condoms, PurPlay Astra, Surf and Classic intensify skin-on-skin stimulation.  They increase nerve sensitivity and slip without a “too loose” feel found with most water-based lubes.

Extended Sexual Experience  (ESE) – Good Sex to Great Sex

Consider anything that intensifies the pleasure experience as erotistic, and you begin to understand how extended sexual experiences (ESE) are possible.  What once took a few minutes can now extend to hours of pleasure when the right erotistic products and techniques are employed.  PurPlay offers the lubrication for extended play while also providing a unique stimulation for women through the herbal extracts.  For both men and women, PurPlay heightens the sensitivity by providing increased contact pleasure.

Bob is the inventor and scientist responsible for developing PurPlay. He is a former high tech Silicon Valley CEO. He is the author of Defining Moments and Chemical-Free Skin Health®. He is a noted speaker and contributor to the industry.