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PurPlay Instructions – Resource Guide for Using Lubricants

“Wow, I had no idea how much fun is in one of those little spray bottles!”

We believe that everyone is entitled to enjoy pleasurable sex.  And we also believe that being able to talk differently, more directly, about intimate acts leads to more positive sensual experiences.  PurPlay Instructions and Guide!

Ultimately being able to communicate and guide your partner about your preferences for pleasurable touch can lead to greater affection, arousal, desire, intimacy and joy.  So please consider this as a special resource guide for using our lubricants for sexual empowerment and enjoyment.  The ultimate empowerment is to revel in your body’s sensuality…and ask for what you want in bed and get it.  Be smart, be strong and enjoy…


PurPlay are functional personal lubricants that are vegan, gluten-free and free of manmade chemicals.  Each has a different purpose and effect.  Our customers usually own all three for different types of interludes and here is why:

PurPlay Instructions and Purposes:

PurPlay InstructionsPurPlay Classic

Purpose:  PurPlay Classic is a personal lubricant for men and women.  It is designed to act immediately to provide a superior slip while heightening intimate sensations and feeling.  Spray apply and get started right away for spontaneous play and pleasuring.

PurPlay Instructions: 

  • Apply directly to the clitoris, vulva and/or penis for immediate play.
  • Directly stimulating these areas will provide instant pleasure and stimulation. 
  • Reapply as often as desired.

PurPlay Surf

Purpose:  PurePlay Surf is designed to provide waves of relaxation for the woman.  Gentle herbs provide a warm romantic interlude when tense or after a hard day.  Slow motion provides a relaxing and calming effect.  The base lubricant heightens the senses and does not desensitize the man or woman.  PurPlay PurPlay Instructions

PurPlay Instructions:  

  • Explain to your partner that PurPlay Surf is to relax and calm for a slow and romantic interlude.  Tell them it takes about 5 minutes after application for you to start feeling the wave pool of experiences including warmth, affection, arousal and desire.
  • Have your partner spray the clitoris and vulva (preferred)
  • Experiment with building sensual tension.  Start with Deep Gazing: This takes some practice…gaze deeply into each others eyes for about 20 seconds without blinking and slowly work up to a multi-minute direct eye to eye gaze.  Tell your partner that as you begin to blink slowly means that PurPlay is starting to work.  When you can no longer keep your eyes wide open means it is time to begin pleasuring.
  • Then slowly use touch and have fun caressing each others hands, face, neck, arms and legs and feet. At first, avoid the breasts, nipples and genitals.  Use a feather or silk scarf if you like lightly stroking each other.
  • Kiss!  Very softly brushing the lips with your lips and progress to longer lingering kissing.
  • As you feel the waves of excitement, begin to slowly and sensually touch each other intimately to progress to orgasm.

Note:  Take time to directly tell your partner what you want and like.  Tell them throughout the session if you want something different and whether you want a lighter or stronger touch.  Being your partners guide will lead to more sexual creativity and heighten your orgasms!

PurPlay Astra

PurPlay InstructionsPurpose:  PurPlay Astra is designed for the most erotic experiences.  The herbal blend stimulates nerve receptors in a euphoric way offering maximum pleasuring and multiple orgasms that build higher than the one before.  The man has a heightened sensation because the lubricant enhances the senses.

PurPlay Instructions:

  • Important!  Explain to your partner that PurPlay Astra is for the most erotic play and multiple orgasms.  Tell your partner if you have a goal you want to achieve.
  • Explain that it takes 5 minute to begin noticing the effects of the herbs.
  • Build sensual tension by gazing deeply into your partners eyes and explain to them what you would like them to do for you.  Practice asking and building session after session.  Note, sometimes this is hard and try practicing with little requests building to a list for multiple orgasms.
  • Ask your partner what they would like from the session. 
  • Kiss and caress lightly at the beginning and progressively heighten the contact for at least 5 minutes.  It is not uncommon that when done right her first orgasm occurs without touching the breasts, clitoris or vulva.
  • Continue to build on the next orgasm exchanging who pleasures who by experimenting with touching and kissing different areas of the body.
  • As a continuous or “rapid fire” orgasms occur try to push through to the next.  Note that you probably will not have to reapply PurPlay Astra as to not break the cycle of orgasms.  In any case listen to your partner’s requests.
  • Change the location of play after each orgasm to give that part a rest coming back to it later if you wish.
  • Build to achieve many different orgasms for both partners.  Please note that in the case of both men and women, the next orgasm is usually much more intense building each time.  Women can achieve multiple orgasms and should help teach their partner how you want them achieved.  Most men need a break between orgasms and often, in time, can achieve the elusive “quad” or multiple ejaculations during a session.
  • Play longer, linger longer, appreciate each other and ask for what you want and the intensity of the play you desire.
  • Ask your partner and encourage your partner to communicate and directly ask for what they want by asking them what they would like you to do for them.  Soon, you will not have to ask!

Note:  Communicate with your partner what you want and like.  Tell them throughout the session if you want something different and whether you want a lighter or stronger touch.  Try whispering instructions in their ear as you use hands and fingers to squeeze your signal of approval.  Being your partners guide will excite you and heighten the orgasms that follow.

Special note:  PurPlay Astra users typically experience a larger number of multiple orgasms in a session with some coming as burst, continuous orgasms and all tend to build.  Your goal is to achieve the highest high at the end building session after session.

Goal:  Take your time, there is no highest point for an orgasm.  Each is different and the euphoria and erotic explosive orgasms come usually at the end of the session.  Each climax can be different, they can build in intensity.  Delirious with joy and euphoria is a realistic goal.


PurPlay Lubricants are to facilitate pleasure and health.  Study after study reveals the overall health benefits of orgasm for both men and women.  Discovering new play each time creates a healthy desire and anticipation that will increase sexual arousal and add to frequency of pleasurable and positive sensual experiences.  Great orgasms will change your life, your health and your relationships.  Asking for what you want, like and need teaches you and your partner the power of multi-orgasmic fun.

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